Scientific Scores of PD Dr. Angela Oels (as of 9th June 2017)

Hirsch-Index (Google Scholar): 11

Number of citations (Google Scholar): 853

Number of citations in Web of Science Journals: 48

Hirsch-Index (only for Web of Science Journals): 2


International peer reviewed journal articles

Methmann, C./Oels, A. (2015) From ‘fearing’ to ‘empowering’ climate refugees: Governing climate-induced migration in the name of resilience. Security Dialogue 46 (1): 51-68.

Oels, Angela (2013) Rendering Climate Change Governable by Risk: From probability to contingency. GEOFORUM, themed issue on Natures of Risk, 45 (March 2013): 17-29.

Oels, A. (2005) Rendering climate change governable: From biopower to advanced liberal government? Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning 7 (3): 185-208.

German peer reviewed journal articles

Oels, A./ von Lucke, F. (2015) Gescheiterte Versicherheitlichung oder Sicherheit im Wandel: Hilft uns die Kopenhagener-Schule beim Thema Klimawandel? [Failed securitization or changing meanings of security?] Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen 22 (1): 43-70.

Methmann, C./Oels, A. (2014) Ein neues Klima für Entwicklung? Die ökologische Gouvernementalität der Entwicklungspolitik. [A new climate for development? The ecological governmentality of development politics] Politische Vierteljahresschrift (PVS), Sonderheft 48: 427-447.

Book chapters in international edited books

Oels, A. (2015) Climate Security. In: Bäckstrand, K./ Lövbrand, E.(eds.) Research Handbook on Climate Governance. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. 458-469.

Oels, A. (2015) Resisting climate security discourse: Restoring ‘the political’ in climate change politics. In: Dalby, Simon and O’Lear, Shannon (eds.) Reframing Climate Change: Constructing an Ecological Geopolitics. London: Routledge. 188-202.

Oels, A. (2014) Climate security as governmentality: From precaution to preparedness. In: Bulkeley, H./ Stripple, J. (eds.) Governing the Global Climate: Rationality, Practice and Power. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 197-216.

Methmann, C./Oels, A. (2014) Vulnerability. In: Death, C. (ed.) Critical Environmental Politics. London: Routledge Intervention Series. 277-286.

Oels, Angela (2012) From ‘securitization’ of climate change to ‘climatization’ of the security field: Comparing three theoretical perspectives. In: Scheffran, Jürgen; Broszka, Michael; Brauch, Hans-Günter; Link, P. Michael und Schilling, Janpeter (eds.) Climate Change, Human Security and Violent Conflict. Hexagon Series, Vol. VIII, Springer. 185-204.